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The New Win machinery Hong Kong LTD is the automation equipment company that has 20 years experience as one of the high-tech enterprises with development, production and sales all together. We have gather experienced experts in development, production, sales and services of personnel. It can provide users with multiple levels of automation design and our customer long-terms after-sales service.

Our company is located around the Asia which included China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our principle is “Quality first” Customer highest. In order to meet our customer’s standard, our products from both internal component matching process to external image design will face stringent quality control. We strongly feel that the quality and integrity is the two key factors that company based on market and the successful development of the cornerstone.

Our main products are insertion, winding, soldering, taping , welding , dip pot and EI lamination inserting machines. It can be used in Transformer, choke coil, relay and fan motors or the other coils. We can also design various types of automated production equipment according to customer’s need.

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