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Analysis of how to wave soldering process

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The wave soldering is a molten liquid solder, with the role of the pump is formed in the solder bath surface a specific shape of the solder wave, can realize the components of welding ends, is shaped by injecting nitrogen to the solder pool. The insertion of the components of the PCB is set on the conveyor chain passes through the solder wave, after a particular angle and a certain depth of immersion and solder welding process. Crest surface of the face are a layer of oxide skin coverage, it almost all remain static in the direction along the entire length of the solder wave in the wave soldering process, the PCB come into contact with the front edge surface of the solder wave, oxide rupture, PCB in front of the tin wave chap pleated advancing this wave soldering machine joint formation of the oxide and the PCB to move at the same speed. Wave soldering molten solder (pewter), electric pump or electromagnetic pump jet into the design requirements of the solder wave can also be formed by injection of nitrogen to the solder bath, pre-loaded with components printed circuit board through the solder wave soldering, mechanical and electrical connections between components welding end or pin printed circuit board pad. , Wave soldering system can be divided into many kinds of machines used in different geometric shapes crest


Keywords:Wave Soldering, Winding, Taping, insertion machine

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